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Rolling Spells

Rolling Spells offers you the new and original gameplay, bright graphics and intriguing plot. The action takes place in the Fairyland that has been invaded by a strange creature, the mighty Elephly. And you’re the one, without whom the Good Fairy would never be able to defeat him. It’s only your skill and smartness that can help the Fairy to prepare magic potions and defeat the Elephly and his cunning companions. You’ll have to pass through 35 levels and fight with eight original monsters. A detailed adventure map and useful tips from the Fairy are always there to help you not to get lost. The map allows you not only to see the way you’ve already passed, but also check out how it has been passed. For each victory, you’ll get a prize – gold, silver or bronze. Although true heroes would content only with gold! Therefore, having taken a rest, you can repass the level and get the highest scores. Besides the map and Fairy’s tips, there’s also the indispensable “Book of Knowledge”. This short encyclopedia will help you to remember how this or that spell works, how you can get a prize, what you should do and what you should fear.
Well, happy trails! Defeat all the monsters, set the Fairyland free and get all the golden prizes!

Quotes about game from players:

“I like this game a lot. I would not regret having purchased it. The gameplay far outshines any issues I have with the visuals (which are a matter of taste). I can’t wait to see what twists the game has in store for me, and just even play faster and faster. If the survival mode is robust I can’t see any reason I’ll be deleting this game for quite a while.” ★★★★ Writingsama, TouchArcade forum

“A fun new puzzle game. – This is a fun new puzzle game. The gameplay is easy to understand and keeps you on your toes. The basic concept of the game is lining up platforms to create a path for colored orbs to fall into their matching colored jar below. While this sounds easy and it is at first, it gets much harder on later levels with more colored jars and other variations but luckily you can earn spells and extra chances to help you out in a pinch. In later levels you have to keep insects from stealing your orbs and you have to content with other hazards that make getting the orbs into the right jar difficult and help keep the game from getting too repetative. There is a story mode and a survival mode, story mode consists of completing levels to move onto the next level, survival mode allows you to play any of the story mode levels but with no end. There is a lot of fun here especially if you like puzzle games.”, ★★★★★ Ojtitus

Good luck – you’ll certainly need it!


Gameplay video

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